White Fillings

Replacing old fillings

patient with white fillingsIncreasingly patients ask about white fillings and not just for their front, more visible teeth. Patients now ask for white fillings for their back teeth as well. Often the aim is to replace old unsightly mercury fillings.

These more cosmetic white fillings are known as composite fillings and we offer a variety of composite fillings in our Larbert dental practice.

Pink fillings for recessed gums

We also provide pink fillings. This for dental patients who have started to have gum recession particularly on their front teeth.

The pink filling blends into the gum and we can even put a white filling on top of that giving the appearance of normal teeth and gums.

How long do composite fillings take?

Each filling is slightly different and each tooth has to be assessed on its merit. Sometimes the filling can be done quite quickly; other times we might take over an hour to rebuild the teeth as much as possible.

Who is suitable for composite fillings?

Many patients come to us with cracked or worn teeth. Other patients are just not happy with the look or condition of their teeth.