Invisible Braces

Six Month Smiles is the most popular form of short term orthodontics we provide in our Larbert surgery. The benefits of Six Month Smiles over traditional orthodontics is the treatment is conducted over a much shorter period of time. Additionally it makes use of clear brackets and clear wires, meaning that your braces are almost invisible to the casual observer. Friends may be surprised to find you have braces at all

Benefits of Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles can be used for all of these situations:

  • To close gaps between your front teeth
  • To rotate teeth that are at poor angles
  • To relieve over-crowding in your mouth
  • Where your teeth are pushing up into the gum
  • Where your teeth are sticking out of line
  • To correct minor open bites where your front teeth don’t meet
  • To correct deep bites where your front teeth cover your bottom teeth

What Is The Process for Getting Six Month Smiles?

  1. On your first appointment we will take photographs and impressions of your teeth. We’ll send these off to get a 3D construction of what we’re trying to achieve
  2. Two weeks later we’ll bond the brackets on to your teeth and also attach the arch wires.
  3. You need to come back once a month after that - occasionally once every two weeks - to replace the various wires and elastics. As the teeth start to move we need to change to different brackets.
  4. At approximately the six month stage if you are happy with the results we will remove the brackets and the wire. We then provide you with a bonded retainer for the back of your upper and lower teeth. We’ll also provide you with a retainer that is removable which also doubles up as a teeth whitening tray.

Does it Hurt to get Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is not a painful process. However as we are moving teeth slightly within your mouth you may experience a mild ache in your mouth. This tends to happen when new brackets or wires are placed in the mouth.

What Food Can I Eat with My Braces?

You are able to eat most things though it’s best to avoid foods that are particularly chewy as well as chewing gum. . However it is important that your oral hygiene is as good as possible. We recommend regular brushing as well as making appointments with our dental hygienist.

Will I Need to Wear a Retainer Afterwards?

Retainers are required to stop relapse. We recommend you wear your retainer every night for the first six months; then two or three nights a week after that. For the best results however we recommend you wear your retainer every night.

What About Six Month Smiles for My Wedding?

It is a fantastic treatment for brides to be or indeed for anyone with a big event coming up. However you should start thinking about it approximately a year before the date because even though it takes six months on average to get the result you want, planning is required and appointments need to be fitted in.