NHS Dental Prices

Do you qualify for NHS dental treatment? Here are some fo the criteria:

  • Patients who are under 18 years old
  • Patients aged 18 and in full-time education
  • Patient who is pregnant
  • Patient who has had a baby in the last 12 months
  • Patients who receive income support or certain other benefits

NHS service fees are set by the Scottish Executive. An NHS check up in Glasgow is free of charge and at this appointment a full estimate of the dental treatment you might need will be provided to you. Here is an idea of selected dental treatments on the NHS but prices can change so check with the practice.

NHS TreatmentCost
ExaminationNo charge
Two small xrays£5.28
Simple gum treatment (scale & polish)£12.00
Small amalgam (silver) filling£8.20
Large amalgam (silver) filling£20.96
Root canal treatment (front tooth)£44.20
Jacket crown cast in non-precious metal alloy (front tooth)£116.32
Simple extraction (one tooth)£13.68
Complete (upper and lower) dentures£166.04

Example NHS dental treatments:

Treatments Which Do Not Involve Dental Surgery

Scaling, polishing and simple periodontal treatment, including oral hygiene instruction Per course of treatment.

Treatment of periodontal diseases requiring more than 1 visit including oral hygiene instruction, scaling, polishing and marginal correction of fillings. Per course of treatment

Treatment of chronic periodontal diseases including root-planing, deep scaling and, where required, marginal correction of restorations, irrigation of periodontal pockets, sub-gingival curettage and/or gingival packing of affected teeth, and all necessary scaling and polishing.

Surgical Dental Treatments

Gingivectomy, gingivoplasty and similar procedures, with post-operative management. The first 2 adjacent teeth in one jaw

Raising and replacement of a mucoperiosteal flap with any necessary curettage, root planing and bone resection

Free gingival grafts including raising tissue from a donor site and preparation of a recipient site, with post-operative instruction and management

Simple excision of soft tissue to lengthen crowns in connection with veneers, crowns, bridges, dentures, and/or obturators.

Conservative Treatment

Permanent fillings, including any dressings, pulp capping, or other preparatory treatment

Tunnel restorations in permanent or retained deciduous teeth, undertaken to conserve sound tooth structure as an alternative to treatment.

Additional fee for patients with an exceptional medical condition for the replacement of 1 or more amalgam fillings.

Treatment of any surface of a permanent tooth using glass ionomer cement, where the tooth would otherwise be extracted.

Porcelain Veneers

Facing or refacing a permanent upper tooth anterior to the first premolar, normally for patients aged 17 years or over, and including acid etch retention, other necessary preparation of the enamel and temporary coverage of the tooth

Inlays and Crowns

In permanent teeth and in retained deciduous teeth, normally for patients aged 17 years or over, inclusive of all preparation, dressing, pulp capping, pins incorporated in castings, cores fabricated in the mouth and temporary coverage during construction)

Dental Bridges

Normally for patients over 17 years. Fees are inclusive of all preparatory treatment, dressing, pulp capping, pins incorporated in castings and cores fabricated in the mouth.

Dental Sedation

Administration of a single intravenous sedative agent or inhalation sedation, using a dedicated machine capable of delivering a fixed maximum level of nitrous oxide and a fixed minimum level of oxygen when providing inhalation sedation, by a doctor or a dentist other than the dentist carrying out the treatment to include any preliminary investigation and blood testing.


Provision of dentures in synthetic resin, including all necessary backing and tagging. Full upper and lower dentures.

Dental Emergency

For conditions of the gingivae/oral mucosa (including pericoronitis, ulcers and herpetic lesions), including any necessary oral hygiene instruction and/or the issue of a prescription

For the full list of NHS dentist prices as set by the government check out the complete document on NHS prices here.
Also check out the NHS guide to helping with health costs in Scotland.