Jet Polish

Fed up of stained teeth from too much red wine, tea/coffee or smoking ?
Why not try our Jet polish to remove all superficial staining!

Many people who come to EnVisage have common issues with their teeth such as teeth discolouration, superficial or deep stains, bleeding gums or unsavioury breath.

We fully understand how sometimes as a direct result this can effect your confidence in not just smiling but in being you!

Our ultimate and by far most popular treatment is the Jet Polish.

This amazingly effective procedure applies a gentle stream of air, water and sodium bicarbonate crystals to the teeth followed by a glossy diamond polish!

The effect is instant like you’ve never seen before in that it completely removes both old and new stains caused over time by tea coffee wine and cigarettes. You teeth will feel the freshest they’ve felt and look instantly brighter incredibly without bleaching.