Tooth loss is something that affects millions of people every year. However, in modern day dentistry and there are several options to replace them - including dental implants, fixed bridges and dentures.

There are two main types of dentures that are used to replace missing teeth; full dentures which replace a full set of either upper or lower teeth, and partial dentures which only replace a few missing teeth.

At Envisage Dental Health we place great importance on fabricating dentures that are a perfect fit as well as looking as natural as possible. Loose dentures irritate the gums and cause problems with eating and can be embarrassing socially. Our goal is to ensure your dentures are as comfortable and as tight fitting as possible.

Alternatives to conventional dentures

Many people suffer from loose dentures and eating solid foods can often be a problem, affecting the quality of their life. At Envisage Dental Health we can secure your dentures using either dental implants or mini implants. Implants will give your dentures the solid support they require and allow you to stop worrying about loose dentures.

Where we can help

Envisage Dental Health provide denture solutions across central Scotland including:

  • Stirling
  • Larbert
  • Larbert