What do you do when you have a tooth missing? How can we help you fill that gap? One of the best options is a dental bridge. While many people end up with dentures, a bridge is a great long term solution which doesn’t require you to take a device in and out of your mouth.


There are two basic types of dental bridge fitted here at Envisage.

A traditional bridge is a device that is composed of two units. You have a false tooth and a crown. The tooth adjacent to the gap in your teeth is prepared for the crown which will be inserted after it is made by the dental laboratory. The false tooth is placed alongside it and that gets rid of your gap.

The other type of bridge is a resin bonded bridge. This is constructed of two components, a pontic which is a false tooth which will be in the gap where your tooth is missing and a wing which is levered around the tooth adjacent to the gap. The are made of porcelain or they can be made out of metal with porcelain bonded to them.

The wing is glued to the tooth next to the gap. Usually no preparation is required or very minimal preparation.

dental bridge patient Envisage Larbert
Getting the right shade for your bridge is important


Fitting a Traditional Bridge

  1. First appointment. As part of your treatment plan we decide together what type of bridge you want: if we are going to use an all porcelain bridge or a bridge with a metal framework with porcelain bonded on to it.
  2. The next appointment will be the procedural appointment. For the traditional bridge you will require a crown preparation on the tooth adjacent to the gap. Then you will be provided with a temporary crown. If required we might also provide you with a temporary bridge
  3. Seven days later we will remove this temporary bridge and your permanent bridge will be bonded into place.

Process for a Bonded Bridge

  1. On your first appointment we would discuss exactly what style of bridge you would like. Part of this process also includes looking at the exact colour match.
  2. If any preparation of your tooth is required this would take place at the next appointment. We will also take impressions to be sent to the lab. A temporary bridge can be provided at this stage.
  3. Seven days later you will get your new bridge. We can let you see how it looks first and then we will bond it in and you can go home with your fine new dental bridge.