Joe McKee Visits for Six Month Smiles

joe mckee visits his Larbert dentistLarbert FC midfielder Joe McKee visited the practice again this week but this time for more than a dental checkup.

Joe was in for Six Month Smiles braces. He had been concerned about his lower front teeth being crowded and was having difficulty flossing.

Dr Murphy fitted his lower braces at the Larbert practice and the procedure will finish with teeth whitening and a lower retainer.

Six Month Smiles is a fantastic form of short term orthodontics helping patients straighten their teeth in double quick time.

Porcelain Veneers Case Study at our Larbert Dental Practice

William presented at our Larbert practice complaining of yellow teeth, worn down with a history of trauma and having the front two teeth built up with composite.

He chose to come to Envisage after looking at our dental price list.

To be fair, his regular NHS dentist had done a good job with repairs.

Veneers dental patient before

The alignment was also an issue for William and he declined orthodontics, even after consideration of the invisible cosmetic braces (like Six Month Smiles) and Invisalign options.

He wanted the colour, shapes and tooth sizes and tooth angles improved.

The patient opted for minimal prep Porcelain Veneers.

We did, however, advise William that a course of home whitening with custom fit gum shields would increase the level of whiteness which would look natural, blending in with lower, whiter teeth.

Porcelain Veneers dental patient after

William was over the moon with results and even brought the rest of his family in the following week, when they registered with us as NHS dental patients.

Don’t listen to the Suits. Your retainer is for life.

If you follow the legal drama Suits on television you will be familiar with the character Louis Litt.

Partner in the firm Pearson Specter Litt, he came out with a notable quote in this week’s episode; one we couldn’t helped annotating.

“The woman’s in her 60s and she’s still wearing a retainer,” he said.

To which we say “And so she should!”

The mantra of our dentists carrying out any clear or cosmetic braces work is that ‘retention is for life.’

Your teeth can always move back, which means that the character Louis Litt refers to almost certainly has great looking teeth!

Cigarette smoking and dental implants

Occasionally patients who require dental implants ask us if smoking will affect the success of their treatment.

The answer is usually an emphatic yes.

Cigarette smoking frequently causes a problems for the implant patient. Bone and gum loss in the vicinity of the implant can have a considerable detrimental effect and we advise patients who can’t give up cigarettes to have frequent check-ups, visits to the hygienist and regular x-rays to catch any problems before they become terminal.

In the end the best option is to kick the habit and we are always pleased to offer advice on how to stop or to point the patient in the direction of local NHS cessation services.